Hanuman sadhanas: A real miracle

by Dr Manish Pandit

Introduction: It is now Pitru Paksha. Saturn is also stationary in Saggitarius with Ketu. One of the people who I prayed should attain peace at Gaya was my uncle. The story which I quote is very old. I used to go to the North of India on vacation when I was a child. There I used to meet my father's younger sister's husband, we used to address him as Choudhry uncle.
Choudhry uncle had apparently had an accident when he was much younger. This accident had caused him numerous fractures, his hip and his spine included. The injuries had been grave and had left him with terrible problems, including making him move almost sideways. Despite this he used to have a superb smile on his face at all times. An extremely well read man, we used to have conversations on so many things for hours. He was very well to do and had apparently stayed in a hotel in Chicago for months in his youth. All these stories made me really interested in Chicago but also in reading books as h…

Saturn affliction and remedial measures:

Other remedial measures for Saturn affliction:

One thing that we should all note is that Saturn is the lord of introspection and reflection. If there is one Devata who can help during a storm after Hanuman and various forms of the Devi and not necessarily in that order, then that is Shani Dev. Saturn usually also has the power to strengthen those who really serve people selflessly. It is to be seen in experience that those people may be afflicted by other grahas but Saturn's gaze on such people is somewhat less stern than on others.

Saturn has an aspect on three signs, the 3rd, the 7th and the 10th. These three signs are aspected in a natal chart and also during transit.

But then what is Saturn affliction in reality?

1: Saturn's transit over Janma Rashi is termed as a SadeSaathi. While the term is used by many unscrupulous people to frighten potential clients, in reality also, there is truth in the affliction of Saturn transit over natal Moon, although the results are not quit…

Spiritual Miracles of Hanuman Chalisa

Miracles of Hanuman Chalisa 
by Dr Manish Pandit

Today's world is an odd one. When you are on the peak of success, then you don't need any help or advice. But when you are in the depths of despair, then you start searching for advice. Trouble is, that in today's world, most people want some benefit or the other for their advice. That though is not the issue. The problem is that when you are in the depths of despair, if you then get into more trouble because of the many unscrupulous frauds who dot the world stage today, then you are in even more trouble than when you started off.
Many decades ago, when I was in the depths of certain troubled circumstances which life can throw about at you, I was told that recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa would ease my troubles. Did it actually reduce my troubles?

The answer to the above question would have to be an emphatic yes. As is the experience of so many, those who are Hindus and those who are  not, those who know life and those who …